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Whether you are buying or selling a property, you want to get good returns. Here are some real estate tips to determine which property is worthy of your investment:

Tip #1: Study local price trends.

You should start with the current price trends in the area where you are about to purchase a property. Is the price of homes accelerating faster compared to other areas? How does the average home price differ from neighbouring towns? This knowledge is very important in order to buy properties at the lowest price possible. Your best source for recent sale prices could be local newspaper, the internet, realtors, and real estate agents.

Tip #2: Look for signs of growth.

It is profitable to invest in a growing community. If you spot new developments, this means that a property will be desirable in the future. Are there new schools, roads, shopping centres or other infrastructures being built in the area? You can take a drive and explore the place to know all these things. You may want to visit town hall to get an idea of the major projects which are about to begin in the area.


Tip #3: Check rankings of schools in the area.

Good schools are desirable to parents as they can provide their children quality education. This is a big selling point to property buyers. It is for this reason that most investors should look for schools that are moving up the rank. You can check some education website to find out how the school in your prospective area is performing. Alternatively, you can visit the school to get needed information.

Tip #4: Watch areas in close proximity to major cities and towns.

Properties near major cities and towns will soon be in demand. Watch the outskirts. The areas where transportation is accessible are even more desirable and would likely to increase their value over time.







1/2 acre land parcel


Landscaping : P LANDSCAPE


Temperature control pool.

 22 floors tower .


Architect:Kapadia & associate


Outdoor kids play area

 5 levels of car park.


Common Area: HBA London


Multipurpose hall with lawn to accommodate 40 - 45 people .

First habitable floor is 6th floor.




2 x Business Centre

3 units per floor. 


Only 25% now and 75 % on OC. 



2 units of 3 Bed  carpet area 1359 and 1291 respectively with 2 Car Parks




Indoor game Area

4 Bed of 2335 sqft carpet with 4 Car Parks




6 tier security


Click this Link for the Drone views : 





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