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Samir C Shah – Founder, MoneyMonk Financial

"We all dream of owning a successful company, calling the shots and pocketing a nice pay check every other week. There are plenty of dreams out there but how many of us actually take that first step towards financial independence and a quality of life that depends, not on the folks upstairs in the big offices, but on your own hard efforts. That’s why most people back away from business ownership. Fear of failure. Fear of looking foolish. Fear of what your family and friends will think if your new business doesn’t soar like the best run startups today. 

I’ve had the satisfaction of working with the best banking organisations in my career, however even my "less than stellar" attempts as an entrepreneur have taught me valuable lessons - lessons you can take with you to the kitchen table and start drawing up plans for your business. I’ve learned from people who have enjoyed success and from missteps when it comes to starting your own setup and this experience has only helped my organisation grow better" 

Samir C. Shah is the founder of MoneyMonk Financial. He is a Post Graduate Diploma holder in Web Marketing. As a seasoned wealth advisor, he has vast experience in Banking and Wealth Management industry. His 14 year long career includes eventful association with leading financial institutions like HBL, a subsidiary of HDFC Bank Ltd, Standard Chartered Bank, HSBC & Citibank NA. During his stint with these institutions, he handled both Assets and Liabilities business like Business Banking, Trade Finance, Mortgage, Wealth Management (Mutual Funds and Insurance) which has helped him build strong client relationships and effectively manage their portfolio across various asset classes for a reasonably long tenure. He is a certified mutual fund distributor and a registered license holder of Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI).

Samir is fascinated with automobiles, music, history and travelling.

Company Profile

MoneyMonk Financial was started by Mr. Samir C. Shah in 2014 (a combined experience of over 14 years) with view to develop financial literacy amongst its clients and to provide unbiased advise on various financial products like Mutual Funds, Corporate Fixed Deposits, Wealth Portfolio Management, Life & Health Insurance.

MoneyMonk Financial - A brand you can rely on

Our name remains synonymous with trust and absolute integrity. Today, MoneyMonk Financial’s philosophy is continually reflected by serving clients with the highest standards of quality and expertise in the field of wealth management. In choosing MoneyMonk Financial as your wealth management partner, you can rely upon the same core principles from which MoneyMonk Financial was founded. You will be at the centre of every business decision, and your wealth will be managed with the upmost dedication and expertise. This is what makes us the - financial services distributor company of choice today.

Through personal contact, we at MoneyMonk Financial aim to understand your financial situation as well as your personal and financial goals. This way, our expert knowledge and expertise support you towards meeting your specific requirements. In addition, MoneyMonk Financial is committed to keeping you informed on the latest events in the financial markets. Welcome to the world of wealth management by MoneyMonk Financial. We look forward to serving you. 

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